Season 2017/18 - Welcome to Another Great Season ...

As new season approaches - we extend a warm welcome to all Midland Regional Hockey Association
sponsors, officials, clubs, players, supporters and spectators - wherever they may be ...

All fixtures for 340 teams, from the 84 clubs for the 2017/18 season are posted here.

And to complete the set we have 4 Midland Badger Divisions this year:
Conference North --- Conference Central --- Conference South -- Conference East


Fixture Supplements for 2017-18 ...

Following concerns about the lack of games for divisions containing less that 12 teams the Men's League are, this year, supplementing theses divisions with the introduction of additional games.

10-team divisions.
Two new teams have been added, named Alpha and Beta.
Games against these teams will appear in the fixture programme as 'Alpha.v.TeamA' and 'TeamB.v.Beta'
Where these fixtures appear, it is the responsibility of the 'home' named team to contact the opposition to arrange a formal League fixture - in this example the game would be 'TeamB v TeamA'.
These games are a MANDATORY part of the League programme and will give each team a full programme of 22 games.
Results for these fixtures should be reported in the normal way, except the 'away' team should also ring Russells
or text the result depending on its League. Results will be recorded on the website, and any points earned will count towards the League standings.
Additionally failure to honour any such designated fixture will result in a fine and the deduction of points in line with Rule 15.
Alpha/Beta games are scheduled for 1st XI East Mids 1, 1st XI West Mids 1 and Central South East 2.

11-team divisions
Where team numbers determine that there are 11 teams in a division, the fixtures this year have been arranged so that 'crossover' games between 'equivalent' divisions are possible.
While these games are marked as 'Blank' fixtures, the programme is such that a 'paired-team' will have a 'matching fixture gap' (home/away) in their schedule to make an extra home/away fixture pairing possible across the season as a whole.
These games are not mandatory and will not be recorded on the website but Match Sheets should still be submitted
to your appropriate Divisional Secretary in line with standing requirements.

These additions mean a full fixture programme is possible for almost all sides competing in the MRHA Men's League this year.

Crossovers games are possible between:
    1st XI   East Mids Prem / West Mids Prem.
    3rd XI   East Mids 1 / West Mids 1
    Central EM Premier / WM Premier -- NEast 1 / SEast 1 -- NWest 1 / SWest 1 -- NWest 2 / SWest 2

Finally Two Reminders for the New Season

Start-time and Venue
First thing to note for the 2017/18 season is that submission of start-time and venue on this website is now mandatory
for ALL games in ALL divisions. These details will then appear online alongside all pending fixtures.
It is the responsibility of the Home club/Home team to log details online for ALL of their HOME fixtures..
PLEASE NOTE online information is 'in addition to' all timing and requirements for clubs to inform their opposition,
their umpires, and where appropriate their Divisional Administrator, of all details in line with Rules 12 thru 17.


NEW Texting Number 07860 020 620 for 2nd 3rd Central Leagues
Teams in 2nd 3rd and Central Leagues are reminded that :-
The text message must be sent directly to the website using the new dedicated MRHA Results number +447860 020 620.
The result must be entered in the correct format, as soon as possible after the match and always on the same day as the match.
Full details on how to text behind this link.

Enjoy your hockey ....

  Administrators    July 2017