MRHA : Welcome to 2018-19
MRHA : Welcome to 2018-19



Welcome indeed - to the new-look Midland Men's Open Hockey League - featuring full details of the structure,
teams, fixtures and contacts for the 344 teams from 88 clubs participating in the exciting new season ahead.

As well as moving to a new Open League structure, we have take the opportunity to refresh the website
to give a bright new look to the fixtures and results that regularly get 1.25 million hits per season.

The new site offers, for modern browsers, a choice of 'Traditional' or 'Open League' menu to the left, together with
options to select the default colours of your choice, while the main portion of the screen still shows
our regular detail to keep everyone informed of the state-of-play.

Please note that University rearrangements this year are a little different.
Where an out-of-term game is BETWEEN university sides, we leave it to the teams involved to finalise
the rearrangement date - which could be a Wednesday (?) - keeping the Divisional Administrator informed at all times.

NOTE ALSO that this is the final year that universities will receive the benefit of fixture rearrangements.
Participation in the 2019-20 season will require ALL UNIVERSITY SIDES to comply with regular fixtures dates.

And to complete the set we have 4 Midland Badger Conference Divisions this year:
Conference North --- Conference Central --- Conference South -- Conference East

With Best Wishes for a successful season ....
        to all sponsors, officials, clubs, players, supporters and spectators - wherever you may be ....

League Committee - July 2018.

The Caveat.
With big changes to the formatting there are probably a few gremlins lurking...
So if you spot a FORMATTING error, then please let us know via the Contact page .. and it helps if you can include
details of your computer/operating system/browser so that we can jump straight to the problem and fix asap. Thanks ...