Midland Regional Hockey League

First XI Fixtures & Results & Scorers

Russell's News Agency continue with the task of recording all 1st XI League scorers
to the website for the season ahead - and ask that all sides email full details to:
nicola@russellsnewsandsport.co.uk asap (replacing a former AOL address)
after the match and before midnight on Sunday in order for this process to go as smoothly as possible.
Please include in your message: Name of Division / Result / Names of Scorers + Number of Goals
..AND.. please, please send details even where a goalless draw has been played.

Scorers for 2nd XI, 3rd XI, and Central League sides is at the discretion of your local Divisional
Administrators - the guys to whom you send your match result sheets. Some do enter then,
and some don't. You could perhaps drop a (polite) note into your next return if you would like to see
this feature across all Leagues.

But Please Note.
The Top Scorers table for each League is created DYNAMICALLY by summing all of the goals scored
in each game - you CANNOT post your own sum totals and expect them to be added to the site....

  Administrators   -   July 2017