<html> <!-----------------------------------------------------------------------> <!-- Sourced from www.mrha.co.uk - June 2013 - Please observe copyright --> <!-----------------------------------------------------------------------> <head> <STYLE> BODY {FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: #000000; FONT-FAMILY: verdana, arial; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #99cc99; } TABLE {FONT-SIZE: 9pt: COLOR: #ffffff; BORDER-STYLE: BLACK 2pt solid; } TH {FONT-SIZE: 9pt; COLOR: #000000; FONT-FAMILY: verdana, arial; FONT-WEIGHT: BOLD; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #cccc99; } TD {FONT-SIZE: 9pt; COLOR: #000000; FONT-FAMILY: verdana, arial; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; } .TD1 {FONT-SIZE: 9pt; COLOR: #000000; FONT-FAMILY: verdana, arial; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffcc; } </STYLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <script language=javascript> // Set up images for print button if (document.images) { PrintGrid1 = new Image PrintGrid2 = new Image PrintGrid1.src = "images/PrintDetails1.gif" PrintGrid2.src = "images/PrintDetails2.gif" BackPage1 = new Image BackPage2 = new Image BackPage1.src = "images/Back1.gif" BackPage2.src = "images/Back2.gif" } else { PrintGrid1 = "" PrintGrid2 = "" PrintBack1 = "" PrintBack2 = "" } //turn buttons from green to red function greentored(Objectname){ document.images(Objectname).src = eval(Objectname + "2.src"); } //turn buttons from red to green function redtogreen(Objectname) { document.images(Objectname).src = eval(Objectname + "1.src"); } </script> </head> <body> <CENTER> <h2><Font color=darkblue>Midland Regional Hockey League </font></h2> <h3>3rd Team League : East Midlands 2 <br>Division Table - 2012/13</h3> <P> <TABLE Border=1 cellpadding=1 cellspacing=1> <tr> <th width=20> &nbsp; </th> <th width=180>Team </th> <th width=50> Played </th> <th width=50> Won </th> <th width=50> Drawn </th> <th width=50> Lost </th> <th width=50> For </th> <th width=50> Against</th> <th width=50> Diff. </th> <th width=50> Points </th> </tr> <tr> <th ALIGN="center"><img src="images/ArrowUp.gif" WIDTH="20" HEIGHT="21"></td> <th ALIGN="left"> Berkswell & Balsall Common <td align="center"> 16 </td> <td align="center"> 15 </td> <td align="center"> 0 </td> <td align="center"> 1 </td> <td align="center"> 99 </td> <td align="center"> 17</td> <td align="center"> 82 </td> <td align="center"> 45 </td> </tr> <tr> <th ALIGN="center"><img src="images/ArrowUp.gif" WIDTH="20" HEIGHT="21"></td> <th ALIGN="left"> Old Silhillians <td align="center"> 16 </td> <td align="center"> 11 </td> <td align="center"> 2 </td> <td align="center"> 3 </td> <td align="center"> 55 </td> <td align="center"> 19</td> <td align="center"> 36 </td> <td align="center"> 35 </td> </tr> <tr> <th height="21"> &nbsp; </td> <th ALIGN="left"> Leamington </td> <td align="center"> 16 </td> <td align="center"> 8 </td> <td align="center"> 3 </td> <td align="center"> 5 </td> <td align="center"> 49 </td> <td align="center"> 28</td> <td align="center"> 21 </td> <td align="center"> 27 </td> </tr> <tr> <th height="21"> &nbsp; </td> <th ALIGN="left"> Barton </td> <td align="center"> 16 </td> <td align="center"> 8 </td> <td align="center"> 2 </td> <td align="center"> 6 </td> <td align="center"> 53 </td> <td align="center"> 36</td> <td align="center"> 17 </td> <td align="center"> 26 </td> </tr> <tr> <th height="21"> &nbsp; </td> <th ALIGN="left"> Mansfield </td> <td align="center"> 16 </td> <td align="center"> 6 </td> <td align="center"> 5 </td> <td align="center"> 5 </td> <td align="center"> 42 </td> <td align="center"> 40</td> <td align="center"> 2 </td> <td align="center"> 21* </td> </tr> <tr> <th height="21"> &nbsp; </td> <th ALIGN="left"> Newark </td> <td align="center"> 16 </td> <td align="center"> 7 </td> <td align="center"> 0 </td> <td align="center"> 9 </td> <td align="center"> 41 </td> <td align="center"> 58</td> <td align="center"> -17 </td> <td align="center"> 21 </td> </tr> <tr> <th height="21"> &nbsp; </td> <th ALIGN="left"> Sikh Union [Coventry] </td> <td align="center"> 16 </td> <td align="center"> 5 </td> <td align="center"> 3 </td> <td align="center"> 8 </td> <td align="center"> 29 </td> <td align="center"> 49</td> <td align="center"> -20 </td> <td align="center"> 18 </td> </tr> <tr> <th height="21"> &nbsp; </td> <th ALIGN="left"> Derwent </td> <td align="center"> 16 </td> <td align="center"> 2 </td> <td align="center"> 4 </td> <td align="center"> 10 </td> <td align="center"> 28 </td> <td align="center"> 60</td> <td align="center"> -32 </td> <td align="center"> 10 </td> </tr> <tr> <th height="21"> &nbsp; </td> <th ALIGN="left"> Kettering </td> <td align="center"> 16 </td> <td align="center"> 0 </td> <td align="center"> 1 </td> <td align="center"> 15 </td> <td align="center"> 6 </td> <td align="center"> 95</td> <td align="center"> -89 </td> <td align="center"> 1 </td> </tr> <tr> <th height="21"> &nbsp; </td> <th ALIGN="left"> Blank </td> <td align="center"> 0 </td> <td align="center"> 0 </td> <td align="center"> 0 </td> <td align="center"> 0 </td> <td align="center"> </td> <td align="center"> </td> <td align="center"> </td> <td align="center"> 0 </td> </tr> </table> </p> </table> <CENTER> <h3>Fixtures Grid &nbsp; - &nbsp; 2012/13</h3> <TABLE Border=1 cellpadding=1 cellspacing=1> <TR><TH width=220 ALIGN=RIGHT><B>Home / Away</B><TD ALIGN=center class=TD1> &nbsp;<TD Align=center class=TD1>1<TD Align=center class=TD1>2<TD Align=center class=TD1>3<TD Align=center class=TD1>4<TD Align=center class=TD1>5<TD Align=center class=TD1>6<TD Align=center class=TD1>7<TD Align=center class=TD1>8<TD Align=center class=TD1>9<TD Align=center class=TD1>10 <TR><TH width=220 ALIGN=LEFT><B>Barton</B><TD ALIGN=center class=TD1>1<TD Align=center><small> <br><b></b></small><TD Align=center><small> 23&nbsp;Feb<br><b>2 - 5</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 9&nbsp;Feb<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> 17&nbsp;Nov<br><b>3 - 2</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 12&nbsp;Jan<br><b>9 - 0</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 9&nbsp;Mar<br><b>3 - 1</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 20&nbsp;Oct<br><b>3 - 1</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 26&nbsp;Jan<br><b>5 - 0</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 3&nbsp;Nov<br><b>0 - 3</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 6&nbsp;Oct<br><b>10 - 0</b></small> <TR><TH width=220 ALIGN=LEFT><B>Berkswell & Balsall Common</B><TD ALIGN=center class=TD1>2<TD Align=center><small> 10&nbsp;Nov<br><b>3 - 2</b></small><TD Align=center><small> <br><b></b></small><TD Align=center><small> 26&nbsp;Jan<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> 16&nbsp;Feb<br><b>19 - 0</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 2&nbsp;Mar<br><b>5 - 0</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 9&nbsp;Feb<br><b>3 - 1</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 6&nbsp;Oct<br><b>2 - 1</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 12&nbsp;Jan<br><b>9 - 1</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 20&nbsp;Oct<br><b>3 - 2</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 24&nbsp;Nov<br><b>3 - 0</b></small> <TR><TH width=220 ALIGN=LEFT><B>Blank</B><TD ALIGN=center class=TD1>3<TD Align=center><small> 27&nbsp;Oct<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> 13&nbsp;Oct<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> <br><b></b></small><TD Align=center><small> 2&nbsp;Feb<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> 16&nbsp;Feb<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> 29&nbsp;Sep<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> 24&nbsp;Nov<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> 2&nbsp;Mar<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> 19&nbsp;Jan<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> 10&nbsp;Nov<br><b> - </b></small> <TR><TH width=220 ALIGN=LEFT><B>Derwent</B><TD ALIGN=center class=TD1>4<TD Align=center><small> 2&nbsp;Mar<br><b>3 - 4</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 3&nbsp;Nov<br><b>1 - 6</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 20&nbsp;Oct<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> <br><b></b></small><TD Align=center><small> 24&nbsp;Nov<br><b>10 - 0</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 23&nbsp;Feb<br><b>1 - 1</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 26&nbsp;Jan<br><b>0 - 2</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 6&nbsp;Oct<br><b>1 - 3</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 9&nbsp;Feb<br><b>1 - 2</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 12&nbsp;Jan<br><b>3 - 0</b></small> <TR><TH width=220 ALIGN=LEFT><B>Kettering</B><TD ALIGN=center class=TD1>5<TD Align=center><small> 29&nbsp;Sep<br><b>0 - 3</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 17&nbsp;Nov<br><b>0 - 13</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 3&nbsp;Nov<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> 9&nbsp;Mar<br><b>1 - 1</b></small><TD Align=center><small> <br><b></b></small><TD Align=center><small> 19&nbsp;Jan<br><b>0 - 8</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 9&nbsp;Feb<br><b>0 - 3</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 20&nbsp;Oct<br><b>0 - 5</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 23&nbsp;Feb<br><b>0 - 5</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 26&nbsp;Jan<br><b>0 - 1</b></small> <TR><TH width=220 ALIGN=LEFT><B>Leamington</B><TD ALIGN=center class=TD1>6<TD Align=center><small> 24&nbsp;Nov<br><b>4 - 0</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 27&nbsp;Oct<br><b>1 - 4</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 12&nbsp;Jan<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> 10&nbsp;Nov<br><b>3 - 1</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 6&nbsp;Oct<br><b>10 - 0</b></small><TD Align=center><small> <br><b></b></small><TD Align=center><small> 2&nbsp;Mar<br><b>3 - 3</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 16&nbsp;Feb<br><b>5 - 0</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 13&nbsp;Oct<br><b>1 - 4</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 2&nbsp;Feb<br><b>3 - 1</b></small> <TR><TH width=220 ALIGN=LEFT><B>Mansfield</B><TD ALIGN=center class=TD1>7<TD Align=center><small> 2&nbsp;Feb<br><b>1 - 1</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 19&nbsp;Jan<br><b>1 - 11</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 9&nbsp;Mar<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> 13&nbsp;Oct<br><b>2 - 2</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 27&nbsp;Oct<br><b>5 - 2</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 17&nbsp;Nov<br><b>3 - 1</b></small><TD Align=center><small> <br><b></b></small><TD Align=center><small> 10&nbsp;Nov<br><b>6 - 2</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 29&nbsp;Sep<br><b>2 - 4</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 16&nbsp;Feb<br><b>7 - 0</b></small> <TR><TH width=220 ALIGN=LEFT><B>Newark</B><TD ALIGN=center class=TD1>8<TD Align=center><small> 13&nbsp;Oct<br><b>6 - 4</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 29&nbsp;Sep<br><b>1 - 8</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 17&nbsp;Nov<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> 19&nbsp;Jan<br><b>7 - 1</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 2&nbsp;Feb<br><b>4 - 3</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 3&nbsp;Nov<br><b>1 - 2</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 23&nbsp;Feb<br><b>4 - 0</b></small><TD Align=center><small> <br><b></b></small><TD Align=center><small> 9&nbsp;Mar<br><b>1 - 3</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 27&nbsp;Oct<br><b>3 - 1</b></small> <TR><TH width=220 ALIGN=LEFT><B>Old Silhillians</B><TD ALIGN=center class=TD1>9<TD Align=center><small> 16&nbsp;Feb<br><b>3 - 3</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 2&nbsp;Feb<br><b>0 - 2</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 6&nbsp;Oct<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> 27&nbsp;Oct<br><b>6 - 0</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 10&nbsp;Nov<br><b>8 - 0</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 26&nbsp;Jan<br><b>1 - 2</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 12&nbsp;Jan<br><b>2 - 2</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 24&nbsp;Nov<br><b>5 - 1</b></small><TD Align=center><small> <br><b></b></small><TD Align=center><small> 2&nbsp;Mar<br><b>4 - 1</b></small> <TR><TH width=220 ALIGN=LEFT><B>Sikh Union [Coventry]</B><TD ALIGN=center class=TD1>10<TD Align=center><small> 19&nbsp;Jan<br><b>4 - 1</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 9&nbsp;Mar<br><b>4 - 3</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 23&nbsp;Feb<br><b> - </b></small><TD Align=center><small> 29&nbsp;Sep<br><b>1 - 1</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 13&nbsp;Oct<br><b>5 - 0</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 20&nbsp;Oct<br><b>3 - 3</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 3&nbsp;Nov<br><b>3 - 3</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 9&nbsp;Feb<br><b>5 - 2</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 17&nbsp;Nov<br><b>0 - 3</b></small><TD Align=center><small> 2012/13<br><b>&copy;mrha</b></small> </TABLE> <P> <span name="buttons" id="buttons"> <P> <img name="BackPage" id="BackPage" onmouseover="greentored(this.name);" onmouseout="redtogreen(this.name);" onclick="history.back();" src="images/Back1.gif" border="0" alt="Previous Page" HEIGHT="23"> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; <img name="PrintGrid" id="PrintGrid" onmouseover="greentored(this.name);" onmouseout="redtogreen(this.name);" onclick="print();" src="images/PrintDetails1.gif" border="0" alt="Print Grid" HEIGHT="23"> </span> </CENTER> </BODY> </HTML>