MRHA Transfer Registrations
MRHA Transfer Registrations



  Your attention is drawn to Section 9 - Transfers of the above League Rules, which state .....

A player may not play in a League Match without written confirmation from the 
Transfers Secretary that the circumstances of his transfer have been approved 
if he has at any time during the current season or during the previous season played 
in a league game (including an EHL game) for another club anywhere.

Applications for transfer must be made to the Transfers Secretary by the player's new club 
by submission of the form prescribed by the League and must be accompanied by a transfer 
administration fee of 5.00 per transfer. 

Any new player to the club who has not played in a league game (including an EHL game) 
for another club anywhere in either the current or previous season must complete the Part A form 
but not Part B and there will be no transfer fee.

To comply with League Rules, players wishing to transfer clubs should.....

1.   Print & Complete Form Part A - new club details - and post with 5 administration fee to the League Secretary.
2.   Print & Complete Form Part B - former club details - and post to former club for appropriate authorisation.
      Upon receipt of completed forms A and B - and the 5 administration fee, the League Secretary will then
3.   Complete Form Part C - and return it to the player's new club - formally completing the transfer.

All clubs should be aware of the MRHA Code of Conduct for players changing clubs.

 All  Registered Transfers  for 2018/19 are listed on this website.

Please Note:   The deadline for all transfers for the 2018/19 season is 31st January 2019.