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MRHA Start Time / Venue
MRHA Men's League - 2018-2019 Season

Club Administrators:
    Entering StartTime/Venue for each Home Game
    is MANDATORY for the 2018-2019 season

YOU MUST BE A Club Administrator to enter start time and venue for Club Home games.
First Click on Club Admin
Enter your Club Admin Username and Password - Press Logon
- the opening page lets you change your Club basic details - visible to all...
    PLEASE NOTE: If you have forgotten your Admin username/password drop us an email
On the Show Club Details dropdown menu there are two items we need.
  -   Which Team Plays Where is used to link to team home games.
  -   Astro Locations is used to set/change the details of astro pitches used by your club.
    Entering a start-time.
On the Show Club Details dropdown menu - Click on Which Team Plays Where.
This page will list each Club team in the league - showing League, Division, texting Code,
with a new penultimate column offering a link to Set/Update fixture details.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you do NOT see a Set/Update column - you need to repeat the Login...
Click on Start/Venue for a particular team to show a list of all Home fixtures.
Against each is shown the current Start Time and Venue with a button to Set/Amend details.
To change the values first Click the appropriate Set/Amend button.
The info box then invites you to enter the a start time and select a venue from the dropdown list
of those defined for your club. The on-screen instructions show the preferred time formats ...
Click Save Details and the home fixtures page refreshes with your new start time details.
Repeat the process for all home games, for all teams, for your Club ...
    Amending Locations.
On the Show Club Details dropdown menu, Click to select Astro Locations.
You will see the currently logged entries for your club with alternating blue and pink background.
To change any details as already entered - OVERTYPE the text and Click Update All Changes.
The grey background at the top of the listing is used to CREATE any new astro location
- just complete all fields and Click Add New Astro, to refresh with all sites.
Please ensure ALL POSTCODES are valid as they are used by everyone to show map locations.
PLEASE NOTE: Clubs are reminded that ....
  online start/venue info is 'in addition to' all timing and requirements for clubs to inform their opposition,
their umpires, and where appropriate their Divisional Administrator, of all details in line with Rules 12 thru 17.
Start/venue info is 'mandatory' for the 2018/19 season - fines will be issued for non-compliance.

Administrators - July 2018 .