MRHA Results Preview Posting Results by Text Messaging

Send result to   +447860020620

This is a dedicated MRHA Results line.
Texts to this number will be charged
as per a single text message from
your normal network provider.
Not all messages received will get a reply.
No other correspondence please..

How to submit a result for your game.

The format of the message MUST comply with the following formatting.

You need to find/use the unique team code assigned to your team for this season.
This comprises 5 numeric digits and a single CAPITAL letter.

Each specific team code can be found on the website as follows ...

Click menu option 'Clubs Plus' - and click to select your club from the drop-down list.
Select 'Which Team Plays Where' from the dropdown details on the top right.
You should see a list of all teams for your club, with each result code in the last column.
You MUST use your unique team code when posting your result in the following format.

All characters MUST be in UPPER CASE is as shown - with a SINGLE space
between each field - thus making a normal message only 15 characters long.
e.g. for a game that had a home win with a score of 3 goals to 1 then the FORMAT
is typically MRHA 99999X 3 1 (with YOUR team code replacing the 99999X..)

The score is ALWAYS entered as HOME score first, followed by AWAY score
- again a single space between each value.

While compulsory for the HOME side - the AWAY side may also text a result.
NB If you are the AWAY side you should then add a further 'space A' to a message
      (with YOUR team code) giving the message the FORMAT MRHA 99999X 3 1 A
again with YOUR team code replacing the 99999X. THIS IS THE FORMAT ONLY ....

ONLY the FIRST result from each HOME/AWAY side will receive a confirmation reply.
All further messages will be recorded but otherwise ignored ...

FAILURE TO COMPLY with this format means that although your text message will be received, it will not be recorded/shown and no confirmation will be posted.

A couple of things to note ....

The results system will only accept results for the latest regular 'Saturday' fixture.
There is no provision for accepting results retrospectively, or for games with rearranged dates.

All messages to the service are logged - with date, time and mobile number as well as message contents.

An acknowledgement text message will only be posted to the FIRST valid submission of any result.
Subsequent postings will be logged but ignored.

If the ORIGINATOR receives and acknowledgement message and realises that the entry is in error,
he, AND ONLY HE, can submit a further message in the format MRHA 99999X 3 1 X to DELETE the entry
- please note that in this case, the original team code and matching score MUST be followed by a single 'X'.
A second acknowledgement text is posted to confirm the deletion - and a new, corrected entry may then be resubmitted.

Any message received with an invalid format will be logged and ignored - e.g. Mrha is INVALID....

An error response may be posted in the following circumstances ..

  • if a correctly formatted submission is made with an incorrect team code
  • if a correct code is supplied but that side has no corresponding HOME/AWAY game on that date.
An error response will have a numeric count associated with it - and if the count reaches 5 at any point in the season,
then that mobile will be BANNED - and no further messages will be accepted, acknowleged or actioned.

From Jan 2010 results submitted by Text Messaging are entered on the formal results system and will update league tables - to then be confirmed by your Divisional Administrator from the appropriate match returns.

The system will be monitored for use and abuse - and any offending mobile may/will be blocked/banned, from making
further submissions for that season.

Administrators - Jan 2009 thru July 2018 .